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Major Houses of Hess’zrin and their Matriarchs, in order of precedence

  1. Selanzukiye (Honneth, High Priestess): holds rights to half of all water in Hess’zrin, Keepers of the Ways (tariffs on travel)
  2. Zulzeroon (Akadina): holds rights to one quarter of all water in Hess’zrin, largest land owner
  3. Cin-Moreigh (Eilador): holds rights to one tenth of all water in Hess’zrin, foremost instructors at temple of Lloth
  4. Maelrubhe (Ilbrun): claims rights to one twentieth of all water in Hess’zrin (contested with Ash’alrir), largest food production
  5. Ash’alrir (Aizhelann): claims rights to one twentieth of all water in Hess’zrin (contested with Maelrubhe), foremost instructors at school of wizardry
  6. Momas (Rood): holds the only foundry and smithy in Hess’zrin
  7. Plethzin (Arsene): holds the Mint and Exchange
  8. Reodhaigh (Bailit): vast trade network, importers of salts and luxuries

Minor Houses of Hess’zrin and their Matrons

  1. Shalzress (Marilith): renowned for military prowess, foremost instructors at military academy
  2. Aral-Norzin (Zraka): slave breeders and traders
  3. Sussunjakar (Mahniyara): most populous House
  4. Suzmerith (Cerinith): jewelers and exotic metalsmiths
  5. Halanor (Shuluz): Hess’zrin’s only miners
  6. Vaelaman (Ahel’hen): alchemists, apothecaries, and poisoners
  7. Teth’chruz (Verilin): artists and furniture makers
  8. Ziluzun (Phaerin): clothiers and milliners
  9. Sembreth (Vorz’elene): livestock breeders
  10. Eilonnye (Eilon): stonemasons
  11. Zeltokir (Mrakmana): military house
  12. Tseth’tsuran (Zinafer): cosmetics and perfumes
  13. Urazhnee (Suluth): confectioners
  14. Nyanis (Niknevin): reliably produces capable priestesses
  15. Brin-Ur (Ezmeneth): weavers

As per your consensus, members of a House with legitimate birth style themselves “al”, while those with illegitimate birth, indirect lineage, or affiliation style themselves “do”. For example, Azimuth al Zulzeroon is a legitimate son of Matriarch Akadina al Zulzeroon. On the other hand, Ten’zrin do Brin-Ur is a grubby peasant.

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