The Boys in Indigo

Today I was not summarily sacrified to the spider queen. Calling that a win.

I still sort of hate Aethuainn Nyanis, but I have to agree with him on one point. This city is far too divided to withstand a coordinated assault. Something, I’m afraid, will have to be done.

The inquisiton went about as well as could be expected; my companions nearly babbled us into execution several times, but we were saved by a timely radiation spike from the depths that spontaneously advanced the development of several dozen myconids, which proved to be a bit of a distraction (I suspect Nyanis), and also by the fact that the Matriarchal Council had little to no interest in the actual matter at hand, except as it could serve to advance their own personal agendas, most of which are opaque to me. The inquest ended in a stalemate when several of the major House’s delegations stormed out theatrically (they correlated quite nicely with the Houses of my companions; not that I expect their relatives have any actual love for them, but it must be nice to have powerful people’s fates tied to your own).

We all had to lie twice: Once when they asked if we were faithful servants of Lloth, and once when they asked if we were queers. (That was kind of out of nowhere, actually. I’d be a little disturbed except that honestly, if the kind of folks we’re talking about here want us convicted, actually being innocent would probably not be a sufficient defense.)

They decided they were done with us and it was time to start fighting with each other, so they let us leave. Hopefully they’ll find some other toy to play with before they remember we’re still alive. The nobles are all cut loose from their houses, of course. I expected them to take it harder; Azimuth is practically giddy, for Azimuth. If they’re still so cheerful about it when we’re starving to death three days’ march from the city remains to be seen.

Because Nyanis (I’m just calling him Nyanis now; he’s made it perfectly clear that the power of his House rests in his person, not his daughter’s. I almost pity Orsinia.) is willing to go to some expense to get us established as a mercenary company. I trust him about as far as I can throw him, but I’ve gotten as far as I have by staying off the radar, and that’s been blown all to hell. Laying low and getting out of the city for a bit may be the best thing.

Which is how we ended up on the docks during the aboleth assault.

I don’t know if there’s much to say about the fight itself. Most of the actual city guards were sleeping off the myconid fight, so it was the five of us against a thankfully weak strike force. The only thing of note was a large…thing that managed to be even grosser than abolethic skum, which is saying something. It waddled towards us and when we finally brought it down, it split in two and these two-three feet long maggoty things all climbed out of it. They had faces. Like illithids.

I think illitholeth has a better ring to it than abolid. Just in case you’re reading this hundreds of years after my entire city has been slaughtered and you’re looking for a technical term to put into your dissertation.

Troops showed up just as we finished off the last of them. Matron Shalzress was in the lead, and she took her soldiers off to face yet more terrifying things. (This is the thing about Nyanis that has me worried. Divided as we are, in the event of an emergency, we can’t afford to dismiss half our population. Either half.)

Anyway, Indigo Company is open for business. I asked Nyanis who he wanted us to kill and he said nobody, then suggested we go slaughter some grimlocks. So that’s probably the plan.


ophanim MrDorbin

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