Game 2: From Within and Without

After presenting Nyanis’s writ, The Indigo Company is properly registered: your mercenary company is official. As mercenaries, you have no recourse to the formal protection of your Houses…but perhaps that’s just as well. You do, however, enjoy the benefit of freedom from conscription in the event that levies are raised.

Aethuainn Nyanis eyes you with interest when you return. “I take it the alarm at the docks was your work. Please, tell me everything.”

[Do you follow through on your plan to show him the squamous parasite in the bucket?]

Loot from the encounter:

One level 5 magic item each: As part of formally severing ties, the Noble PCs’ Houses offer you “measures of good will,” awaiting you upon your return to the Nyanis household. Ten’zrin, on the other hand, receives a bribe as a species of hush money for not outing a client.

Rituals: Aethuainn Nyanis has set aside two items for Kelthrae that he thinks might be of interest: volume one of a comprehensive series on magical forbiddances (Arcane Lock); and sheet music for a song that, as you hum it, proves powerfully soporific (Lullaby).

Ritual Components (300g): The abolethic creatures’ mucus resonates with arcane energy, and makes a potent (if abjectly disgusting) ingredient for ritual magics.


If asked, Azimuth will indicate a willingness to show the squamous parasite to Aethuainn. He doesn’t know a great deal about such things. He will, however, describe in as much detail as Aethuainn indicates he wants the fight on the docks.

To everyone else, Azimuth seems… different. Before, he was a sullen, closed-off, suspicious guy. Something about being cut loose from his House yet given a new lease on life has energized him subtly. He’s more willing to talk, albeit still cautiously, about events, more willing to volunteer information.

Game 2: From Within and Without

Kelthrae also intends to follow through on showing Aethuainn Nyanis the strange creature, as well as mentioning the theory that it’s some hybridized combination of two Underdark horrors. He’s particularly interested in what theories Nyanis has, and will attempt to subtly encourage him to voice them out loud.

Game 2: From Within and Without
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